Bandirma Park

Bandirma, Turkey

We are currently at a crossroads in time where new typologies for urban development are critical to our rapidly growing cities. This project celebrates these connections that are made through embracing the intersections of new and old, solid and void, and passive vs. active spaces and relishes in the heart of these moments by elevating grounds to create a series of memorable, functional, and beautiful spaces where the social and ecological needs of the city come together. At the larger scale, the site serves as a catalyst and focal point for transit coming together. At the site scale, the park is an intersection itself as its own moment and pause in time. The site is shaped by strategically planned and coordinated building and landscape elements such as the tree lined boulevards, a newly constructed native forest, the iconic hilltop urban park, socially vibrant civic plaza, and archeological site that connect in their spatiality to make one aware of the moments in time where things come together. This is also expressed in the institute; a place where different paths cross and unite. The circulation and building layout is composed to take advantage of the existing site terrain, views of the Marmara sea and designed to improve the quality and experience for the quality of anyone visiting by making one more aware of their unique surroundings. Visitors are stimulated by how the architecture meets the landscape in its spatial form and function to heighten ones’ awareness to the natural beauty in moments of interchange where indoors becomes outdoors and where the quality of space is improved at points of connection. The visitor is always aware of these moments whether by larger earthwork or architectural moves and by the more subtle textures and details of the site.