Car Park Canyon

Zhuhai, China

The design of the 3-acre Canyon landscape involved maximizing the experiential range of a roof deck, preserving the existing pre-Mao Huang pavilion, and improving the environmental performativity of a 6.1-acre two-story above ground parking structure. By removing 300 originally planned parking spaces, the canyon achieves dynamic experiential quality through 40’ of grade change over two acres. An enormous cut into the two-level parking structure is complimented with 13‘ high land forms constructed from lightweight geofoam and soil. The emotive connection to geology is enhanced by two canopy bridges, subtle water features, and gently sloping 5% paths that allow residents and visitors to intimately explore the entire 40’ topographic range from bottom to top. Complimented by a network of stairs, ramps, and terraces, the wide range of circulation options encourage exploration and discovery and lead residents through an unfolding landscape to a playground, reflecting ponds, overlook terraces, an activity pavilion, and intimate garden spaces. The volumetric mountain-scape of artificial topography, infrastructure, and buildings are composed to frame an honorific setting for the historic Huang pavilion that remains unmoved from its original location. HM Design Consortium, Prime Consultant.