Geologic Rift Park

Zhuhai, China

Imagined as the symbolic heart of the mixed-use project in Zhuhai, China, the 4.9-acre Quad II landscape is comprised of three distinctly different landscape types including the geologic rift, the civic plaza, and the southern valley. Although unique in character, these interconnected spaces create a bold unified spatial composition that generates the most intensified expressions of the identity and character of the south site. The largest player in this chorus of landscapes is the geologic rift. Inspired by geologic processes, this coarse abstraction of the natural world is alive with energy while clearly transparent in its origin as a manufactured object. A key objective of this feature was the pursuit of a designed landscape evocative of our emotional and psychological connection to geologic uplift, using form and scale in a way that is not dependent on overt gestures towards naturalism. Rich with discovery and character-defining moments, the southern end of the geologic rift landscape becomes an especially iconic moment through the placement of a 12.5’ tall x 35’ wide waterfall located directly on the north edge of the civic plaza that falls from a stone clad structure. HM Design Consortium, Prime Consultant.