Julian B. Lane Park

Tampa, FL

Through a combination of careful site editing, bold topographic modifications, amplification of site attributes and the introduction of new time-tested, ecologically sound urban park program an under-performing park is injected with new life reconnected with the social life of the city. Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park is alive with exciting social, recreational, economic, ecological, and cultural landscape opportunities. Proposed design intervention builds upon the InVision Plan and the West Tampa Housing Study to improve the livability and quality of life for residents of Tampa, with the aspiration of bringing a world-class public space to the Tampa Waterfront. As prime consultant and lead park designer on the project, the proposal by Counts Studio catalyzes the aspirations by Tampa city staff, stakeholders, and community members through an interdisciplinary and collaborative design approach. Landscape architects, engineers, scientists, and geographers work together to build a complex and programmatically rich public space, where the future citizens of a growing Tampa can work, visit, reside, and be inspired.