Moore Square Analysis & Planning

Raleigh, NC

Collaborating with internationally recognized tree and soil experts, this body of work synthesizes detailed tree surveys, soil analysis, historical research, and tree growth and decline projections to formulate a 100-year canopy tree design and management strategy for an urban park. The Moore Square Comprehensive Tree Strategy (MSCTS) ensures that the long-term preservation and enhancement of the existing Oak Grove drives future design efforts, developing the Master Plan through a thoughtful and responsible framework that looks to sustain and improve one of Raleigh’s most important civic treasures. This study offers insight and recommendations to ensure the proposed improvements will live up to their promise. In addition to the analysis of existing conditions, this study has produced rigorous l00-year growth and decline projections for the existing and proposed canopy trees that synthesize the Master Plan with the MSCTS. This modeling has led to a canopy management strategy that is innovative in its scope and comprehensive in its recommendations. This body of work is intended to help fulfill the commitment to the long-term vitality of the Grove and the improvement of the Square as a social space for the children and grandchildren of the City of Oaks.