Qianshan New City Park Master Plan

Zhuhai, China

Located above a 40-acre above-ground parking garage and between sixty 30-story towers this innovative urban park design seeks to humanize the Mega-City through the aggressive use of synthetic topography, densification of constructed ecologies, and fluid organization of movement and program. This ambitious and innovative urban park and green roof shape the image of a city, offering a new urban landscape typology for the contemporary Mega-City. Located on top of a massive 40-acre above-ground parking garage and situated among sixty 30-story high-rise towers, this landscape design for 15,000 residents acts as a highly efficient condenser of nature, activity, and space. Through aggressive use of synthetic topography, fluid organization of movement and program, and a densification of fabricated nature, this visually expressive and complex landscape design demonstrates a new level of spatial efficiency, experiential diversity, and social use for hyper-density in the 21st century. One of China’s largest single-phase mixed-use development projects is Qianshan New City. It is located in Zhuhai, bordering Macau and across from the South China Sea from Hong Kong. The Master Plan considers the juxtaposition and contradictions of landscape and architecture within the context of contemporary urban development. This project is located within five miles of the future Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which will fuel the speed of development in Zhuhai and the need for parks and programmatically-dense spaces. This project employs innovative design strategies for development of 55 acres of on-structure landscape atop two-story parking garages. In total, the landscape breaks into seven Quadrants defined by roughly thirty-six 30-story residential and mixed-use towers.