Wellesley Garden

Wellesley, MA

A robust planting design of native trees, shrubs, and ground cover transform a conventional suburban lawn landscape into an experientially dynamic and ecologically rich native woodland garden oasis. Located just outside Boston, this residential woodland garden inverts the typical suburban landscape typology that requires unnecessary water consumption, petroleum-based maintenance, pesticides, and fertilizers. Lawn and foundation plantings are replaced with a robust diversity of native trees, shrubs, and ground covers to re-establish adaptive ecologies and to create a new spatial structure. A new circulation network defined by blue stone paving and living landscape systems choreographs the visitor through outdoor rooms and garden walks. Outdoor dining areas, stone terraces, lawn panels, and garden corridors are tightly organized to enhance privacy and to connect visitors with plants, stone, and sky. The resulting garden enhances outdoor use, invigorates ecological performance, and demonstrates an alternate vision for the suburban residential garden.