Zhuhai Development North Site

Zhuhai, China

The North Site represents the much anticipated new home to the original residents of the Qianshan New City project site. The scope of the project includes seventeen 30-story residential towers, 137,530 SF of retail and commercial space, and 12.14 acres of civic landscape located on top of a 11.44-acre above-ground parking structure. The project includes one of the original Chinese dwellings transformed into a cultural heritage site, a multi-denominational temple, and a community center. Although the landscape is technically a private residential space, its sheer scale and population of 5,000 inhabitants make the residential categorization difficult to justify. The resulting design constructs a visual language that gives the landscape an identity, complexity, and visual differentiation to distinguish it from the repetitious residential towers. Three pavilions designed by davidclovers also strongly contribute to the programmatic range and identity of the landscape. Integrated seamlessly within the landscape, these contemporary structures offer relief from the tropical sun and showers and create flexible covered spaces to accommodate a range of uses throughout the year. HM Design Consortium, Prime Consultant.